How to recieve credit on your study card

Enrollment vs. Registration

Enrollment =putting your name on a class roster through this website. 

Registration = officially registering for academic credit on your Study card.

Enrolling in a nanocourse means that you clicked on the enrollment link below a course that you want to take, and that your name has been added to an unofficial roster.  It does NOT mean that you have registered for credit on your study card.  Enrollment in unofficial.

Registration happens when you have taken enough nanos to receive credit. 

Please read Credit on Study Card (below) for greater detail about how credit appears on your academic record.

Nanocourse Credit:

Although students are encouraged to take as many nanocourses as they please, official credit will be granted for up to six nanocourses only. Students must participate in all sessions of a nanocourse and complete all the assignments in order to qualify for credit.  Completion of three nanocourses will be equivalent to a quarter course credit.

Nanocourse Registration:

Nanocourse enrollment is required only for students who wish to accrue credit.  Students are required to enroll on the web site in advance of the course (as specified per course on the web site). Students may drop a course using the web site, up to one week prior to the first session of the course. Failure to attend or complete the course will result in an incomplete grade for students who do not drop the course one week before the course date.  An incomplete grade will also be given to students who do not attend both days of a nanocourse for which they have enrolled if they do not drop the course as specified above.

How to Receive Credit for nanocourses

 Completion of three nanocourses will be equivalent to a quarter course credit.

What to put on your Study Card- 

3 Completed Nanocourses - once you complete 3 nanocourses you can put the quater course listing below on your study card to receive credit-

*Cell Biology 300qc. Advanced Topics in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
Catalog Number: 17665 
David Lopes Cardozo (Medical School) 5995 

6 Completed Nanocourses - once you have completed 6 nanocourses (if you havn't already received a quarter course credit for any of them) you can put the half course listing below on your study card to receive credit- 

*Cell Biology 399. Nanocourses
Catalog Number: 0087 
David Lopes Cardozo (Medical School) 5995

The Division of Medical Sciences tracks all students who take nanocourses.  If you are unclear if you are eligible to register for credit please e-mail DMS Courses at

* Requires instructors permission - Yes you will need to get a signature.  Signatures can be obtained during DMS Study Card days for DMS students.  All other students please contact for information about obtaining a signature.


Why is there is an INC on my academic record?

There could be an INC (incomplete) on your academic record for two reasons:

1.  You may have planned to take more nanocourses and had to un-enroll from the course, but forgot to drop the course officially through the registrar.  Therefore you did not have enough coursework to receive credit.

2.  You may also have registered incorrectly, thinking you had enough coursework for credit.

What should I do?

Contact Leah Simons at and she will determine why you got the INC.  The INC will stay on your record until you have completed enough coursework to receive credit.

Take more nanos and once completed, e-mail to let us know your INC should now be changed to a grade.  She will review your record and if eligible, will send a letter to the registrar asking for the INC to be changed to a SAT.

What happens when I stop attending, or don't do both days of a nano?

You will receive an INC for the course.  If you registered for credit on your study card and did not drop, or missed the drop deadline you will get an INC which is easy to fix once more coursework has been completed.

I want to un-enroll from a course.

You can do this two ways - from the My account link on right, or by going to the individual course listing under the Nanos links.  Click Enroll and then cancel sign up.

What happens if I am on the waitlist for a nanocourse?

Enrollment for all nanocourses is capped at 15 students (unless specificed on the page). Although there are no guarantees, spaces in nanocourses do often become available at the last minute, so there is a good chance that you will be able to enroll in a nanocourse for credit even if you are placed on the waiting list.

Because class rosters can fluctuate up until the first day of a nanocourse, you must attend the first session of the nanocourse if you would like to be considered for enrollment. At the first session, you will be able to find out from the curriculum fellow running the nanocourse whether or not there is space available and if you will be able to enroll in the class. Only after receiving confirmation from the curriculum fellow that you have been placed on the class roster will you be eligible to attend the second session of the course and receive course credit.

Important information to know:

If a class is full with a waitlist the instructor reserves the right to give Division of Medical Sciences students priority over non-DMS students, Post-Docs and those auditing the course.