CB 399: Graduate TA Training in the Biomedical Sciences

Graduate TA Training in the Biomedical Sciences

Instructs graduate student teaching assistants in the pedagogy and course management skills required to be an effective TA. The three two-hour class sessions focus on the basics of evidence based teaching practice and practical strategies for working with students and faculty. Open to all Longwood area graduate TAs assigned to a course in Fall 2018.

NOTE: This nanocourse is required for students registering for MedSci 312qc. Those wishing to enroll in that course must discuss this with the course director or a curriculum fellow. Students who wish to enroll in the nanocourse but not the quarter course are encouraged to do so.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this 6 hour course, graduate TAs will:

- Be able to recognize the role of evidence based teaching practices such as backwards design, questioning strategies and active learning in effective teaching

- Begin to apply these strategies to their own teaching

- Be able to approach interactions with their students thoughtfully and respectfully

- Know University requirements and guidelines that help them navigate difficult situations

Course Meetings:

Session 1 - Tuesday August 28th 4PM-6PM – TMEC 130

Session 2 - Tuesday September 4th 4PM-6PM – TMEC 130

Session 3 – tentatively Thursday September 13th 4PM-6PM - location TBD


Open to any graduate student currently serving as a Teaching Assistant.

Course Director: 

Bradley Coleman, PhD (bradley_coleman@hms.harvard.edu)