CB 399: Consulting in Life Sciences and Healthcare Fall 2009


Intellectual Unit:

Consulting in Life Sciences and Healthcare

Course Lecturers: Benjamin Kornitzer (McKinsey and Co.) and Ethan Karp (President, Harvard Graduate Consulting Club)

Curriculum Fellow: Dr. Monica L. Kerr

This nanocourse will provide an inside look into management consulting, examples of business problems that consultants help life sciences and healthcare businesses solve, and a hands-on opportunity to experience and learn how to approach business problems in the life sciences and healthcare. In the first session, McKinsey and Co. will discuss what it means to be a consultant, the life-style of a consultant, the transition between academic research or medicine to consulting, and give real-world examples of problems consulting companies solve. The Harvard Graduate Consulting Club will then provide a student perspective on the interview process and how to decide if consulting is right for you.

For registered students, McKinsey and Co. will present consulting problem solving strategies and interview preparation tips followed by a Harvard Graduate Consulting Club led hands-on mock consulting engagement to test out consulting for yourself!

The aim of this nanocourse is to expose, educate and provide deeper insight to the wider HMS community on careers opportunities for PhD, Post-doc and medical students. 

Organized in collaboration with Carlos Loya (BGSO Co-President).

First Meeting: Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 12:30 pm- 3 pm

Location: Goldenson 122

Second Meeting: Tuesday, September 22, 12:30- 4 pm

Location: TMEC Bldg., Room 448

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