CB 399: Graduate TA Training in the Biomedical Sciences

Graduate TA Training in the Biomedical Sciences

Course Description:

Instructs graduate student teaching assistants in the pedagogy and course management skills required to be an effective TA. The three two-hour class sessions focus on the basics of evidence based teaching practice and practical strategies for working with students. 

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this 6 hour course, graduate TAs will:

- Be able to apply evidence based teaching practices to their own teaching, including backwards design, effective questioning and active learning

- Be able to approach interactions with their students thoughtfully and respectfully

- Know University requirements and guidelines that help them navigate difficult situations


Course Meetings:

Session 1 - Tuesday January 16th 4PM-6PM - TMEC 106

Session 2 - Tuesday January 23rd 4PM-6PM - TMEC 106

Session 3 - Tuesday January 30th 4PM-6PM - location TBD


Open to any graduate student currently serving as a Teaching Assistant.

Course Directors: 

Bradley Coleman, PhD (bradley_coleman@hms.harvard.edu)

Jason Heustis, PhD (ronald_heustis@hms.harvard.edu)

Diane Lam, PhD (diane_lam@hms.harvard.edu)

Additional Instructors:

Chris Burtner, PhD

Seth Johnson, PhD

Tari Tan, PhD