Cell Biology 301qc: The Epidemiology and Molecular Pathology of Cancer

Cell Biology 301qc: The Epidemiology and Molecular Pathology of Cancer

Dates: JANUARY 7-11, 2019 from 9:00am-5:00pm
Course Directors: Massimo Loda, PhD and Kathryn Penney, PhD
Curriculum Fellow: Ryan Lee (ryan_lee@hms.harvard.edu)

An in-depth introduction to the epidemiology and molecular pathology of cancer. We will explore multiple types of cancer: prostate, lung, brain, colorectal, breast, and heme, through a series of lectures and hands-on practice tutorials and demonstrations. These tutorials will include training in molecular pathology techniques, state of the art image analysis of human biomarkers, tissue processing, immunohistochemistry, and tumor histology. In addition, the epidemiology, genetics and relevant signal transduction pathways of cancer will be highlighted.

Roughly, the half of each day will be didactic - lectures on the epidemiology, pathology, and molecular pathology of each cancer type. Additional lectures on cytogenetics, cancer screening, and molecular pathology techniques will be included. The other half of each day will be spent in the lab: first, you will be led through a proper mouse dissection and practice isolating tissues of interest. You will observe tissues being processed, paraffin embedded, and slides made. Slides will be visualized and pathologies identified. You will be led through medical case studies and experience how pathological information is utilized in the clinic.