Cell Biology Bootcamp

CB311qc: Experimental Approaches to Cell Biology

Quarter course (spring term): Monday Jan 6* to Wednesday Jan 22, 9am - 6pm

 *Course begins with a dinner and lecture on Monday January 6 from 4-8pm, SGM 502, HMS

The Cell Biology Bootcamp provides a comprehensive overview on the most recent advances in cell biology, covering hands-on experimental sessions including, electron microscopy, live cell imaging, single molecule imaging, 3D cultures, quantitative proteomics, protein interaction mapping, and more.

Note: Open to first-year and second-year BBS students; permission of instructor required. Not repeatable for credit.

First Meeting: January 6th, 2014, 4pm, SGM 502, HMS

Location: HMS quad, details TBA

Course Director: David VanVactor, davie_vanvactor@hms.harvard.edu
Co-Director: Wade Harper, wade_harper@hms.harvard.edu
Curriculum Fellow: Henrike Besche, henrike_besche@hms.harvard.edu
Module 1: Imaging Cells and Cellular Dynamics
Jan 6 – Dinner & Course Introduction: History of Cell Biology
Jan 7 – Jennifer Waters: Microscopy in Cell Biology
Jan 8 – Tomas Kirchhausen: Superresolution and Live Cell Imaging
Module 2: Cycle of Cell Life and Death
Jan 9 - Joan Brugge: Cell Signaling in 3-D
Jan 10 – Randy King: Cell cycle checkpoints and proliferative control
Jan 13 – David Pellman/Randy King: Mechanics of cell division and its role in cancer

Module 3: The cytoskeleton and cell signaling
Jan 14 – Sam Reck-Peterson: Molecular motors and protein trafficking
Jan 15 – John Flanagan: Signaling & protein translation at the neuronal growth cone
Jan 16 – Tom Walz: Electron Microscopy – from cells to structure

Module 4: The dynamic proteome: modifications, interactions, and methods
Jan 17 – Steve Gygi: Fundamentals of mass spectrometry and multiplexing proteomics
Jan 18 – Wade Harper: Analysis of protein complexes and interactions

Module 5: Molecular Biology of the Cell; Regulating the Genome
Jan 21 – Danesh Moazed: Genome regulation by non-coding RNAs
Jan 22 – Davie Van Vactor/Anders Näär: MicroRNA regulation of synapse development


***REGISTRATION HAS OFFICIALLY CLOSED***you may contact henrike_besche[at]hms.harvard.edu directly to find out about the status of the waitlist.