PATHS Nanocourse: Take Control of Your Career! Summer 2013

Take Control of Your Career!

Speaker: Laura Malisheski

Curriculum Fellow: TBD

Sometimes, climbing the academic ladder feels like you’re climbing into the clouds. You know what’s up there, but you can’t really see it. Do you KNOW you want to keep climbing this ladder? What are your other options? How can you even get started? This presentation will teach you how to take on some of these big career questions! 

Session 1 (June 10) Engage in interactive career self-assessment exercises to identify and better understand your skills, interests, and values. You will leave this session with a plan to discover and explore a variety of different career options based on your unique self-assessment! This session is open to all GSAS students.

Session 2 (June 13) We will have an open discussion about a great variety of careers beyond academia and take advantage of all the brains in the room! You’ll be amazed by how many of your peers have ideas, experiences, and connections that will help you get started in taking control of your career.

Please also register for this event on Crimson Careers.

This course is co-sponsored by the DMS PATHS Program and the FAS Office of Career Services



First Session: Monday, June 10, 2013 3 – 5 PM
Location: TMEC 209

Second Session: Thursday, June 13, 2013 3 – 5 PM
Location: TBD


Assignment: Between the first and second sessions registrants will need to complete a set of career self-assessment exercises.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-credit bearing course


Add/Drop Deadline: Friday, June 7, 2013