BCMP 301qc. Translational Pharmacology (bootcamp course)

BCMP 301qc. Translational Pharmacology

January 2, 2018 -- January 12, 2018
Catalog Number: 97487 Donald M. Coen (Medical School) 7617, David E. Golan (Medical School) 1558 and Catherine Dubreuil

This is an intensive course held during January (ten days) covering basic principles of pharmacology and how they are translated into the development of new drugs. Students participate actively in project groups composed of both graduate students and post-graduate M.D.'s to propose a strategy for drug development from target choice through clinical trials. There are two hours of lectures each of the first eight mornings; in the afternoons, there are case studies discussed by guest faculty from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, a research paper discussion, or time to work on the group project. Evaluation is based on the project and class participation. Enrollment may be limited.