CB 399: Fluorescence Live Cell Imaging Fall 2009

Intellectual Unit: Experimental Tools for Biological Discovery

Fluorescence Live Cell Imaging

Course Lecturers: Jennifer Waters

Curriculum Fellow: Dr. Anupama Seshan

Fluorescence microscopy has become increasingly important in biological research as novel fluorescent probes and increasingly sensitive detectors allow us to visualize subcellular entities in live specimens with unprecedented speed and resolution. The aim of this practical course is to introduce students to the wide range of fluorescent probes and fluorescence microscopy techniques available for imaging live specimens (including optical sectioning techniques such as confocal and total internal reflection fluorescence).

First Meeting: Thursday, October 22nd, 2-5:30pm

Location: Goldenson 122

Second Meeting: Friday, October 23rd, 1-3pm

Location: Nikon Imaging Facility

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