Guidelines for Course Directors

Guidelines for Nanocourse Directors

It is our hope that as many faculty as possible be involved in the nanocourse curriculum. To this end, we welcome faculty throughout HMS, the hospitals and the College to organize a nanocourse. Visiting faculty as well as faculty from Boston-area colleges are also invited to participate as lecturers. Senior postdoctoral fellows or students are also invited to be lecturers as long as there is a DMS faculty member participating as well. The flexibility of the nanocourse format should allow faculty to organize meaningful, succinct “units” that will be of interest to a broad audience.

If you are interested in proposing a nanocourse, the process is as follows:

  • Submit a one-paragraph description that outlines the course and the subjects you plan to cover to the HMS Curriculum Fellows Program ( Examples of these one-paragraph descriptions can be found on the nanocourse website located at Please indicate other potential faculty who will participate in the course. Typically there are 3 lecturers in a given nanocourse, and one of them must be a DMS Faculty member. 
  • If you wish to offer this course during the fall semester, please submit this proposal by the preceding July 1st, for spring semester courses, please submit by the preceding November 1st. If you submit after these dates, the CFP cannot guarantee that the course can take place in the following semester. 
  • Once these materials are submitted, you will receive an email from the CF who will work with you to develop the course.