Info Courses

Division of Medical Sciences

Summary of Infocourses Fall 2014

Infocourses are non-credit bearing seminars/workshops. There are currently no infocourses being offered at this time; please check back periodically throughout the semester as courses are continuously added


Previously offered:

Teaching Focused Careers in Higher Education
Course Director: Dr. Davie Van Vactor
Course Panelists: Dr. Anupama Seshan, Randall Foote, Dr. Laurie McCorry, Dr. Tom Torello,
Dr. Ethan Graf, Dr. Mary Ellen Wiltrout

Patent Law in Academia Info Course
Course Director: Dr. Fred Winston
Course Lecturers: Anne I. Craig, Director of Intellectual Property (Office of Technology Development, Harvard University), Dr. George Church, Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics (Harvard), Dr. Grant Zimmermann, Director of Business Development (Office of Technology Development, Harvard University)

Consulting in Life Sciences and Healthcare
Course Director: Benjamin Kornitzer, MD (McKinsey and Co. alum)
Course Lecturers: Javor Stolarov, PhD  (McKinsey and Co.), Pooja Kumar, (McKinsey and Co., HMS alum),  Erin Kane (McKinsey and Co., HMS alum)
Lead Student Organizers: Adriana Tajonar (HGCC Business Knowledge Development Team), Cammi Valdez (GSC).

 Science Communication
Emilie Marcus, Karen Hopkins, Stavroula Kousta
Curriculum Fellow: Latishya Steele