CB 399 Biomedical Graphics Processing Unit Computing Workshop Fall 2009

Intellectual Unit:

Biomedical Graphics Processing Unit Computing Workshop

Course Lecturers: Ian Stokes-Rees, Dave Kaeli

GPUs are opening new avenues in parallel data processing and high performance computing. The opportunities to harness this technology by biomedical researchers and clinicians is immense. This workshop will mix overview, tutorial, and research experience. The workshop is targeted towards a mixture of researchers with GPU-enabled applications in active development or use and those who are interested in understanding how to apply the technology to their own work. There will be an opportunity to speak with representatives from industry, learn about technology trends, understand application constraints when developing for GPUs, and hear about successful use of the technology.
Students taking the course for credit will be required to complete a basic GPU programming exercise within a week of the workshop.

Course meets for one full day: Thursday October 22nd, Countway Library, Harvard Medical School 8:00 am – 6:30 pm

Location: Minot Room, 5th Floor

Limit: 15 - 20 students.  Advanced registration is required and students will be accepted based on suitable background experience and applicability to current research.


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