CB 399: Gene Therapy Spring 2010

Intellectual Unit:

Gene Therapy

Course Lecturers: Dr. Richard Mulligan, Dr. Keith Joung and Dr. Mitchell Finer

Curriculum Fellow: Catherine Dubreuil, Catherine_Dubreuil@hms.harvard.edu, Johanna Gutlerner, Johanna_Gutlerner@hms.harvard.edu

The replacement or correction of disease causing genes has long been sought as a way to cure many human diseases. However, there have been many setbacks to the use of these approaches due to failures of clinical trials, often related to problems in gene delivery, and to severe adverse events in these trials. Recently, there has been rekindled interest in gene therapy thanks to new advances and understanding of viral vectors and other delivery techniques, and to new and more efficient methods for gene correction such as zinc finger proteins. This nanocourse will highlight how genes can be replaced or corrected for therapeutic benefit, and how the genes and correction machinery can be delivered, with emphasis on exploring new strategies currently in development, including viral vectors and gene correction methods.

First Meeting: Wednesday, April 28, 1- 4:30 pm

Location: TMEC Bldg., Room 227

Second Meeting: Wednesday, May 5, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Location: TMEC Bldg., Room 447


Student session: